Multiple awards and ranking for Lazareff Le Bars in March

March has been a very successful month for our firm. Some of the rankings, that regularly mark the year of Law firms have been published and pay tribute to the evolution of our practices.

Different rankings underline this progression:

  •  In Chambers, Benoit Le bars is individually ranked in Dispute Resolution – Africa (Band 2).
  •  In the review Global Arbitration Review (GAR), our firm is still ranked among the best 100 Law firms in international arbitration.


The fact that only a few French Law firms are represented in these rankings highlights the quality of our practice, our dedication to the management of our cases and shows the trust that our clients have in us.

Finally, on 24 March, during the reception for the Palmarès des avocats, organised by the Monde du Droit, our firm was awarded a Trophy in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, for the 5th consecutive year.

This regularity is the fruit of the faith that our clients, partners and friends put in us, and we thank them for that.

Thanks to your support, Lazareff Le Bars continues, reinforces its expertise and works towards the development of Paris centre as a recognised centre for international arbitration, in its own way.

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