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Our Mission

Lazareff Le Bars (LLB) is a boutique firm with a head office in Paris, France specialized in international dispute resolution. The establishment of offices starting in 2018 in Tortola, London, Lisbon, Budapest and Abu Dhabi allow LLB to maximize the 24-hour day cost effectively for arbitration, litigation and transaction support. 

Our teams are involved in institutional and ad hoc arbitration, related parallel local proceedings, enforcement of arbitral awards and orders spanning from traditional and complex legal proceedings, institutional mediation and conciliation and other alternative dispute resolution formats. LLB counsels and experts have extensive experience representing both States and investors in complex investor-State disputes in addition to commercial arbitration and litigation. LLB utilizes qualified local counsels in a cost-effective manner for parallel proceedings concerning conservatory measures, insolvency proceedings, enforcement proceeding and challenges to awards.

To date, our professionals have been involved in over 250 ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings (including ICC, LCIA, ICSID, CCJA, UNCITRAL, ICDR/AAA, CEPANI, SIAC, HKIAC, DIAC, MIAC). 



Lazareff Le Bars (LLB) was founded in 2009 by Serge Lazareff and Benoit Le Bars. In Autumn 2018 and notwithstanding the challenges posed during the COVID pandemic, LLB initiated a major milestone plan to restructure its organization with a reallocation of resource across multiple jurisdictions with the head office remaining in Paris, France. Consequently, LLB has opened offices through a group of majority owned subsidiaries to date in Budapest (Hungary), Lisbon (Portugal), Abu Dhabi (UAE), London (United Kingdom) and Tortola (British Virgin Islands). 

This evolution of the structure reflects the trend of cases in those regions and further development in the firm’s business. Such geographical diversity was carefully constructed to address increased need to support clients with arbitration proceedings, related parallel proceedings in local courts, enforcement and collection of arbitral awards or court orders. Quite simply put, LLB intends to remain at the forefront of development in arbitration and continue to reply upon experts and local firms to address the ever-evolving complexities that arise in arbitration. LLB fee structures are flexible and highly competitive given the geographical presence and dedicated teams. 

” Simply put- A large footprint, high powered skilled personnel, cost competitive solutions and a strong track record of success “

Lazareff Le Bars