Lazareff Le BarsLazareff Le BarsLazareff Le Bars

Benoit Le Bars speaker at the first conference organized by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

The conference will be about “the Synergies and divergences between civil law an common law in international arbitration” and will take place on the 8 and 9 march in Dubaï


The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is launching a series of three international conferences that will take place in 2017. The first conference is scheduled to take place in Dubai in March, the second one in Johannesburg in July and the third conference will take place in Paris in December. The objective of these conferences is to analyse the synergies and the divergences between civil law and common law in international arbitration, to identify the difficulties that exist and determine the points of convergence in international practice.


These conferences will allow practitioners from different backgrounds, who are evolving in often mixed judicial environments, to exchange key perspectives on international arbitration. These exchanges would also make the work of the conference accessible to local practitioners and contribute to the training of young specialists. The fact that one of these conferences has been organised in Africa highlights the continent’s importance on the global arbitration stage. Benoit Le Bars, recognised for his experience in international arbitration in the region, as counsel and arbitrator, will contribute his views on practical solutions concerning decision-making in the arbitral process at the conference in Dubai.


This conference in Dubai will bring together government officials who will open the debates, speakers from diverse backgrounds including judges, lawyers, law professors, experts and directors of arbitral institutions.


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