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5th Annual GAR Live Paris

Benoit Le Bars will be speaker at 5th Annual Conference GAR Live Paris.

He will present, amongst others, first session on Confidentiality and privilege of international arbitration.

« The panel will discuss:

• Commercial sensitivity

• Legal privilege (and what to do about cases where in-house counsel provide legal advice (how to deal with different rules in different jurisdictions)


• The use of “privilege counsel”? How else to deal with disputes of this nature?


• The relevant audience; when can or should one allow access to only a limited class such as experts, counsel and/or the tribunal?

• Where witnesses or counsel need to deal with sensitive material on written or oral address: how is this dealt with in practice? How much discretion does a tribunal have? And can problems arise in enforcement where that discretion has been exercised?

What solutions do the various rules or guidelines (including the IBA) provide in practice? »

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