Lazareff Le Bars’ arbitration team is one of the best in the Paris marketplace. Our reputation is, among other factors, strengthened by our capability to act as counsel and as arbitrator.

This dual expertise is a major asset for our clients, as it enables our professionals to bring a unique perspective to disputes and best defend clients based on what we know to expect from an arbitral tribunal in an international context.

Our lawyers are involved in every step of the dispute process, from the pre-arbitration phase to settlement, including:

Pre-arbitration analysis of the dispute

  • Drafting the dispute resolution strategy
  • General management of the dispute
  • Enforcement of the award
  • Recognition of the award
  • Annulment of the award
  • Claims to challenge the award


To date, our lawyers have been involved in more than 250 ad hoc or institutional arbitral proceedings (including CCI, LCIA, CIRDI, CCJA, CNUDCI, ICDR/AAA, CEPANI, SIAC, HKIAC, DIAC, MIAC) in more than fifty countries around the world.

Focus: specialized arbitration

Lazareff Le Bars has one of the leading specialized arbitration teams.

In particular, our lawyers have acted in several arbitration cases involving the energy sector, construction and concessions (including public contracts and PPP). Our team also handles regularly intellectual property claims (patents, domain names and trademarks) before the foremost arbitral institutions, as well as specialized tribunals (WIPO).

In addition to this area of expertise, it is noteworthy to add that our lawyers also act in many strategic cases involving issues of public law and security such as border disputes between States, litigation in connection with weapon systems or defense solutions, as well as communication methods used in relation to public security.

We have gained this sector specific experience both acting as advisors and as arbitrators, which distinguishes our team’s strategic approach when dealing with such issues.

Case studies

Expropriation of an investor in Belarus

Belarus Paris

Infringement of a Master Franchisee’s rights

France Italy U.S. Africa Eastern Europe

Ensured the opt-out indemnity of an institutional shareholder in the telecoms sector

Africa Europe