Our Mission

Lazareff Le Bars is a boutique firm specialized in international dispute resolution.

Our teams are involved in institutional and ad hoc arbitration, spanning from traditional and complex legal proceedings, institutional mediation and conciliation, to alternative dispute resolution (dispute board, expert opinions, etc.).

To this day, our professionals have been involved in over 250 ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings (including ICC, LCIA, ICSID, CCJA, UNCITRAL, ICDR/AAA, CEPANI, SIAC, HKIAC, DIAC, MIAC).

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and have successfully led several mediations and conciliations, including disputes involving governments and state entities.

Our lawyers draw on their in-depth experience to allow each client to settle their dispute amicably and encourage parties, when appropriate, to maintain their business relationships.

Reasons to choose us

Our independence and ethical commitment

Independence and ethics are key components of our values and priorities.

The firm was built on its founding partners’ desire to remain independent and their concern to limit conflicts of interest in their practice by maintaining the firm’s focus on its principal practice areas (arbitration, litigation and ADR) and remain free of any ties to large firms in existing networks. Our independence also allows us to operate with the highest level of discretion, and gives us the freedom to act as either counsel or as arbitrators.

Our firm only includes lawyers, allowing us to avoid conflicts with related professions and provide independent, objective and impartial advice to our clients. In any situation, we always demonstrate ethical and socially responsible behavior.


Our commitment to clients

Fully dedicated to our clients, we favor simple and direct contact, and prompt responses when faced with complex or urgent situations.

In our role as true advisors, we support our clients over time, allowing us to have a greater understanding of their industry and provide advice that is tailored to their operational concerns and sector-imposed constraints.

Our comprehensive understanding of clients’ expectations and needs allows us to develop the most appropriate strategies without wasting time, giving us more latitude to act quickly in situations of crisis.


Our approach

Based on the experience gained from the firm’s partners, we take an innovative and creative approach to the matters assigned to us.

Our methods and standards are modelled on those of large international law firms, including our approach to new matters which are staffed with teams based on experience and capabilities, in order to provide clients optimal cost-effective service.

This approach favors a high level of involvement from the partners and senior associates, meaning that we are able to implement strategies that are adapted to the circumstances based on our extensive experience dealing with matters in an extremely diverse international environment.