Lazareff Le Bars advises WTFA 21 on the creation of an eco-responsible waste management sector in the Ivory Coast

Jennifer Juvénal of law firm Lazareff Le Bars advises WTFA 21

on the creation of an eco-responsible waste management sector

in the Ivory Coast


On 14 November 2017, during the World Climate Summit organised during COP 23 in BONN,[1] a letter of intent was signed to officialise the support that engineering company EGIS and non-governmental organisation R20 (founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010) bring to the project of French company WTFA 21.


EGIS, an engineering group developing environmental projects, and non-governmental organisation R20 undertook the financing of feasibility studies of environmental projects in Africa through their joint venture Waste Project Facilitator (WPF).

UnknownForeground (left to right) Mr O. Seck, President WTFA 21, Mr D. Albertani, CEO WPF; Background (right to left) Mr R. ZAKPA President Regional Council Lôh Djiboua, Mr C. Nuttall, Executive Director R20, Ms Diabate, Regional Council Lôh Djiboua, Ms J. Juvénal, Lawyer Lazareff Le Bars, Mr S. Doukoure, Regional Council Lôh Djiboua, Mr F. Coulibaly Député and President of CRSTE, Serge Ali, Regional Council Lôh Djiboua, Mr A. Jost, President of Foundation R20, Mr M. Berntsson, President of R 20.


The project initiated by WTFA 21 is one of the first projects studied by WPF (Waste Project Facilitator) and relates to the creation of an eco-responsible waste management subsidiary in the region of Lôh-Djiboua, with the aim of expanding the project throughout the territory of the Ivory Coast.


Law firm Lazareff Le Bars has been retained to advise company WTFA 21 on the legal and financial structure of the project. It also participates in establishing guidelines for eco-responsible investments and good governance.


Led by Ms Jennifer Juvénal, Lazareff Le Bars’ team is renowned for its experience in eco-responsible infrastructure projects in Africa, in particular in the energy and waste recovery sectors. Law firm Paris Corporate Finance, led by Pierre-Jean Gaudel, also advises WTFA 21 on the fundraising and drafting of financing documentation.


This major social and environmental project meets the Ivory Coast’s need to effectively reduce water and soil pollution with the aim of achieving sustainable development.


For further details, please contact:

+33 (0)1 40 01 10 10 Jennifer Juvénal


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