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To date, our lawyers have been involved in more than 250 ad hoc or institutional arbitral proceedings (including ICC, LCIA, ICSID, CCJA, CNUDCI, ICDR/AAA, CEPANI, SIAC, HKIAC, DIAC, MIAC) in more than seventy countries around the world.

Lazareff Le Bars’ arbitration team is globally recognized for its tenacity and ability to manage complex arbitrations often involving multiple parallel proceedings. We have acted both for claimants and respondents in commercial arbitration as well as on behalf of both States and investors in Investor-State disputes. We have established a reputation as a firm that is not intimidated by existing law, and we will challenge doctrine and practice to make law and doctrine and not simply implement or apply existing law. The chasm between civil law and common law in terms of the application of law requires experience and deft interpretation and application of existing law whilst still ensuring that the intent of the law is not superficially or prematurely abused by precedent, doctrine or custom. Our experience in the procedural rules of the various arbitration is second to none. 

Their efforts are complemented by Michael’s extensive experience in damages assessment, cross-examination and ability to present a concise fact-based argument to the tribunal to focus on the relevant substantive merits. Michael also manages most client relationships given his prior investment banking experience and entrepreneurial background where clients are concerned about the cost effectiveness of claims and their economic benefit. 

Pre-arbitration analysis of the dispute
Drafting the dispute resolution strategy
General management of the dispute
Challenge of the award and related claims
Recognition & enforcement (collection) of an Award
Parallel proceedings

Our reputation is, among other factors, strengthened by our capability to act as counsel and as arbitrator. This dual expertise is a major asset for our clients, as it enables our professionals to bring a unique perspective to disputes and best defend clients based on what we know to expect from an arbitral tribunal in an international context. Benoit Le Bars, Louise Wright and Jean-André Diaz are all recognized arbitrators acting in a very wide range of industry sectors both in civil law and common law contexts. Benoit has extensive experience in arbitral forums worldwide and has acted to date in over 200 claims for matters under various substantive laws. In this context, Benoit, Louise and Jean-André mainly serve as Presiding arbitrator or sole arbitrator, and occasionally as co-arbitrator. Their negotiation skills in political or diplomatic contexts are also recognized by private and public players and they are known for being discrete negotiators in major international conflicts. 

We have acted in several arbitration cases involving oil and gas, the energy sector, construction, and concessions (including public contracts and PPP). In addition to this area of expertise, it is noteworthy to add that our lawyers also act in many strategic cases involving issues of public law and security such as border disputes between States, litigation in connection with weapon systems or defence solutions, as well as communication methods used in relation to public security. We have gained this sector specific experience both acting as advisors and as arbitrators, which distinguishes our team’s strategic approach when dealing with such issues.

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