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IBA – Table Ronde “Passé, présent et avenir de la médiation dans le secteur de l’énergie, du pétrole et du gaz”


Benoit_Le_BarsBenoit Le Bars, Associé, est intervenu lors de la Conférence Annuelle 2015 de l’International Bar Association qui a eu lieu à Vienne du 4 au 9 octobre.

Benoit Le Bars interviendra pour le Mediation CommitteeOil and Gas Law Committee, dédié au “Passé, présent et avenir de la médiation dans le secteur de l’énergie , du pétrole et du gaz” / “Past, present and future of mediation in the energy, oil and gas industry

Pendant cette table ronde, Benoit Le Bars a fait part de ses points de vue et expériences personnelles pour déterminer si la médiation est un mode efficace de règlement des différends complexes du secteur de l’énergie, du pétrole et du gaz.
Les panélistes ont examiné les différents moyens de promouvoir l’utilisation de techniques alternatives de résolution des litiges pour le règlement des différends dans le secteur de l’énergie.

Description :

Mediation is certainly a hot topic today. The wish to avoid litigation or arbitration is certainly a major factor in a world where all parties are seeking to save money and trying to explore avenues to do business rather than lose time and energy fighting legal battles. Mediation appears to meet those expectations, but what is happening on the ground?

The energy, oil and gas industry offers a good illustration to try to explore this inquiry: is mediation used effectively in light of the types of disputes this sector generates? Is it actually paying out and working? If so, why can’t we hear more about this Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and its success in this field? How frequently can one find such clauses in contracts, including, inter alia, concession contracts and BITs?

The experience gathered by in-house counsels and counsels for oil and gas companies, as well as from state agencies, such us OPEC, dealing with this area, will give the audience a better grasp of the use of mediation in this industry.

A few practical examples will also be shared by those with unique insight, to explain how negotiations/mediations actually work in this sector, whether with a positive or negative outcome. Equally important is to have some comparative perspectives, with practitioners coming from regions where those disputes arise or may arise, including Africa and Asia.

Against this context, the panellists will explore all possible avenues to improve the use of ADR, notably mediation, in the particular industry of energy, oil and gas disputes.

This session will also include a mock case. Delegates are encouraged to read the mock case available on the IBA Annual Conference website.