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Works of Benoît Le Bars

The works of Benoît Le Bars

Benoît Le Bars, co-founder and managing partner of Lazareff Le Bars. 

After creating Lazareff Le Bars in 2009 with Serge Lazareff, Benoît Le Bars decided in 2017 to join forces with a trusted professional specializing in damages, Treaty-based arbitration and cross-examination, Michael McNutt, with whom he had worked for a long time in emblematic international cases, to breathe a new phase into the firm’s development and complete a large technical experience in arbitration law with a philosophy of business management and damages assessment as a means to effectively enforce judgments and awards rendered in favour of clients. After Serge Lazareff’s passing in 2012, Benoît devoted all his energy to developing the Law Firm along the ideals envisaged with Serge Lazareff: professional integrity, creative thinking, and hard work.

The youngest professional named to the list of ICC arbitrators by the French Committee at the age of 33, Benoît started in a rather unusual way his career as an arbitrator. As an arbitrator Benoît is appreciated and respected for his very extensive knowledge of the civil law and common law systems, his ability to intervene on the basis of very diverse applicable laws with a deep respect for the fundamental principles of procedure, the rules of international arbitration as well as a practical sense of the effectiveness of the decisions that it may be called upon to render and a sensitivity to the precise assessment of the damages claimed by the parties.

Benoît is also a very well-known litigator who has based his practice on a search for innovative legal solutions adapted to the constantly changing environment of international law. A specialist in financial law since his PhD in the subject and studies in corporate law and tax, Benoît is particularly sensitive to issues of damage assessment, as well as to complex legal situations in a very wide variety of areas of international law, including international company law.

A Doctor of law and Professor, Benoît has extensive expertise in Africa, both anglophone and francophone, and an in-depth understanding of corporate matters. In 2009 when director of a Master of law in Paris he created a specific master program with Vermont law school allowing young practitioners to deepen their understanding of international law and received the title of adjunct professor of law for this achievement. Benoît is also a recognized international co-lecturer who is often called upon to participate in the largest international arbitration forums and the author of a dozen legal books and more than 200 articles in business law and labour law. international arbitration.


Benoît Le Bars

“As an arbitrator I strongly believe that my main mission is to protect due process and right of the parties to be heard, whatever the difficulties and the financial burden at stake. It is essential to be attentive to the practical effects of any conflict situation to, as far as possible, avoid aggravation of the damage by the parties to allow a peaceful resolution of the questions put to the arbitrators.”- Benoît Le Bars 

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