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Athina Fouchard Papaefstratiou speaks at a conference organized by the School of International Arbitration (SIA)

On June 10, 2016, Athina Fouchard Papaefstratiou will speak at a conference organized by the Queen Mary School of International Arbitration Alumni Association.

The conference will address the need of regulation in international arbitration and will discuss, in particular, the appointment and use of administrative secretaries.

Athina Fouchard Papaefstratiou will focus on how to become an administrative secretary and will address the Heilbronn Call, a recent initiative from Judge and Arbitrator Hilary Heilbronn that would enable young lawyers and women, currently underrepresented in terms of arbitrator appointments, easier access to positions as administrative secretaries as a means of acquiring experience.

In addition to her extensive experience as counsel in both ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, and to her recent appointment as arbitrator, Athina Fouchard Papaefstratiou has repeatedly acted as secretary to tribunals in commercial and investment arbitrations under ICC, UNCITRAL, CRCICA and the ICSID Rules.

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