Lazareff Le BarsLazareff Le BarsLazareff Le Bars

Lazareff Le Bars represented at the first conference co-organized by the ICC and the OHADA in Abidjan

From June 23 to June 25, the ICC and the OHADA will organize their first joint conference in Abidjan, and officially sign their partnership agreement announced last month.
International arbitration professionals and specialists will successively share their experiences and views on the conference’s main topic of “Ethics in arbitration”.
The conference takes place in a context of an increase in foreign investments in Africa which has sparked more trade disputes and as a result, more and more parties are turning to arbitration to resolve their disputes. The partnership aims to strengthen the cooperation between the ICC and the OHADA, and to professionalize and standardize arbitration in order to promote best practices in the 17 member states that make up the OHADA area.
Benoit Le Bars is a recognized practitioner in both arbitration and in business law matters in Africa. He has in depth knowledge of OHADA law and in this respect was asked by the conference organizers to advise on ethical considerations for advisors. His position and views will be presented at the conference.
The Abidjan conference will end with an introductory training day to ICC arbitration specially designed for practitioners in the region.

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