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Lazareff Le Bars, partner of the Second Edition of the “Trophées du Droit”, Corporate awards ceremony.

For the second consecutive year, Lazareff Le Bars took part in the “Trophées du droit”, corporate awards ceremony, rewarding leading in-house legal departments in their respective specialty areas. In addition to participating in the juries which designated the awards, the firm’s partners and team joined their clients and colleagues during the evening awards ceremony.


In his speech on November 17, 2016 at the Pavillon d’Armenonville announcing the award for the best legal director in the Africa Arbitration category, Benoit Le Bars, pointed out that the award was one of boldness and innovation, appreciating the excellence of practitioners in new, complex territories where the solution is often found by seeking alternative methods that take into account concrete on the ground issues.


He also emphasized the strategic approach of Lazareff Le Bars’ both in arbitration and as a specialist advisor. In particular, he pointed out that the firm is able to achieve this visionary outlook in its specialty practice, by daring to be innovative and hands-on, and assuming new roles and a new approach to closely advise, assist and be available for the professionals it supports.