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Benoit Le Bars expert speaker on OHADA law, Singapore – January 2016


Benoit Le Bars, Co-founder & Managing Partner, was the main speaker of the Singapore Business Federation conference which was held in Singapore on 20 January 2016.



On 20 January 2016, in Singapore, was held a conference dedicated to OHADA law (Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa), “Understanding the Legal Challenges of Doing Business in Francophone Africa“.

For this occasion, more than 60 Singapore Business Federation’s members were attending to introduce their business projects with the Francophone Africa, to debate with speakers about contracts securing , litigation’s projects in OHADA and widely in Africa.


It is as an expert in this matter, he practiced for 25 years, that Benoit Le Bars will speak twice during this conference day. First, during a one hour presenation of OHADA, entitled “Understanding the OHADA laws – Insights into its differences and challenges in Doing Business in Francophone Africa”, and then for a panel discussion and experience sharing on “Strategies and Keys to Succeed in Francophone Africa”

This conference has provided to participants with sound understanding of the OHADA laws that are commonly used in Francophone African countries and learning on its differences with the local law and how is poses challenges and yet opportunities in doing business in the French speaking countries.
After these meetings it became clear that the business community players in Singapore are already highly active and for other, with  advanced projects it can be significant to work closely with experts from Lazareff Le Bars to structure and support committed projects.