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Benoit Le Bars, Managing partner, publishes Book on the Major French Law Judgments in International Commercial Arbitration

Entitled, “Arbitrage commercial international, les grands arrêts du droit français” (translated as “International Commercial Arbitration, Major French Law Judgments”), the book written by Benoit Le Bars, managing partner of Lazareff Le Bars, PhD and Associate Professor, along with Joseph Dalmasso, was just published by LexisNexis. An English language version is expected to follow in the summer of 2017.


The book goes beyond simply commenting international arbitration precedents, but rather takes the reader on a journey to the fundamental principles which make up today’s practice of international arbitration. Given that Paris is still one of the key centers for international arbitration, the role played by French case law is essential in understanding how international arbitration law has evolved. Written in a style that is deliberately clear and accessible, the publication presents two centuries of case law that enable the reader to grasp the key points that are at the heart of international arbitration.


This book written with Joseph Dalmasso, legal counsel at Lazareff Le Bars, sets forth an analysis of judgments which have defined the fundamental principles of international arbitration. In order to help professionals and those interested in arbitration to understand the arbitral process, the book is organized by theme and uses related judgments to concretely illustrate each theme. Each judgment is commented and introduced by the expert viewpoint of the authors who illustrate the scope of each issue with examples based on real experience.

At a time when major contracts are more than ever being concluded between companies of different nationalities and governed by foreign laws, international arbitration is playing an increasingly important role. The book aims to make this discipline, which many business players can be confronted with, accessible to a broader public.


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